Fade 2.jpg


By Tanya Saracho

MOXIE Theatre

Produced in association with TuYo Theatre

Oct. 14 – Nov. 11, 2018

Directed by Maria Patrice Amon

Featuring Sofia Sassone and Javier Guerrero

Scenic Design: Kristen Garcia
Sound Design: Lily Voon 
Costume Design: Carmen Amon
Lighting Design: Mextly Almeda

Props Designer: Angelica Ynfante
Stage Manager: Jessamyn Foster

Production Assistants: Vanessa Duron, Elizabth Uribe 
​Choreographer: Zachary King

About the Play

Meet Lucia: she’s a young first-year TV writer originally from Mexico and recently relocated to L.A. Abel is a janitor and the only other Latino Lucia has seen in the office. They may both be inside the same oppressive system but they don’t handle the pressure the same way. As their friendship grows, his ideas blur with hers which leads to unexpected consequences in this witty comedy about class, integrity, and culture.


FADE illuminates the complexity of Latinidad, Tanya Saracho has created two fully realized human characters whose culture informs and expands their identity without apology or fetishization.  


Media so frequently flattens Latinx characters into simple stereotypes--criminals or victims--that these stereotypes become our only means of understanding Latinx people. Through defining others by overly-simplistic ideas we create an under-informed political reality.


At the time of the 2016 presidential election I was working with 4th-graders in a South Bay arts program and I found myself trying to respond to my young students who were terrified that the election would mean that their parents were going to be deported. Latinos were called rapists and murders, prototype walls were built in our backyard, parents were abducted by ICE off our city sidewalks, all in a pattern that demonstrates the virulence of negative Latinx stereotypes.


As a Latina in working in the era of the Trump presidency I find myself fighting to be seen and to be valued. FADE is part of my fight; FADE fights against stereotypes with nuance and with visibility.


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